The Envelope Project

Through quarantine I asked myself: How do we interact with our community during lockdown without using virtual communication? How can we reach out and create a solidarity of experiences through this difficult time?

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed thousands of people, and has also generated necessary, yet painful separation from our communities and loved ones. Thus, I am feeling far from my community and restless with virtual conversations. With an overwhelming amount of digital outlets of interaction (Facebook, Whatsapp, emails, texts, etc.), I am left exhausted at the end of the day rather than connected. 

While searching for each other is a multimedia project that questions our current reality seeped in virtual connectivity by searching for tangible and physical representations of a community during lockdown. I began circulating an envelope around the UK through lockdown. I hand wrote loose instructions asking the collaborators to create work about quarantine expressing through a format they felt comfortable using (letters, artwork, etc). After receiving the envelope and interacting with the work inside, each participant produced their own work in response. I asked each household to allow a piece of themselves to live inside of the envelope. The envelope was then sent to the next household on the route of isolation (or so I began calling it). So far the envelope has crossed 11 houses, 21 people, and 10 different neighborhoods. The final form of the work is a video where you hear every collaborator reading their letter or talking about their artwork while watching elements of the work they made and my photographs of my lockdown experience. This is a journey for external and concrete connection in relation to our isolated and digitized states in a time of crisis.

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