Open Call for a Collaborative Project in the UK

About my Project: 

Route of Isolation

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of people, and has also generated necessary, yet painful separation from our loved ones. Initially, the days blurred together and my spirit was met with a struggle for connection. Seventy-seven days later, and my notion of time is lost. I yearn for my family and friends, for physical interactions, for a world outside of these four walls. I ask myself, “How can I help create physical exchanges with people during the loneliness of isolation to feel united and foster community?” While Searching for Each Other is a project that questions our current reality seeped in virtual connectivity by searching for tangible representations of community during lockdown. 


I am circulating an envelope around London asking the public to create work about lockdown. The envelope has been venturing from house to house receiving and collecting work on this route of isolation. Each household interacts with the work inside the envelope and then creates their own work in response. You leave your work inside the envelope and it is then sent off to the next household, and so on. 

The envelope is still in route. So far, the envelope has crossed 8 cities, 28 houses, 42people, and many different neighborhoods.  Currently it lives as a multimedia video, however I am hoping to expand it to an interactive website and physical exhibition. 

Anyone Can Join In: 

You can join the project by emailing me or messaging me on Instagram

Recently, the project won the OPEN20 Moving Image category for the Photo Fringe Festival in Brighton and can be seen on my website or on the Photo Fringe Festival at  It has also been featured on Pupil Sphere:


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